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Free Shipping On All Your Orders

1. Order your items on Wonderpack’s free app (millions of items from your favourite stores) regardless of the free-shipping minimum purchase requirement.

2. Wonderpack automatically joins your orders with your verified neighbours‘ orders (without the need for you to know them) in order to unlock FREE SHIPPING for all of you.

3. Pick up your items easily from your verified neighbour (in your own building). You can even invite your own friends from other buildings to join your orders.

Free shipping unlocked, fast!

Wonderpack quickly groups your order with your friends and neighbours in less than 24hrs! ⚡⏱️🙂‍↔️🙂

Delivery guarantee

You’ll definitely get your package from your neighbour or your money back. That simple. ✔️😀👌🎁💯

Free Pickup At The Store Your Home

By simply shopping through Wonderpack’s free app, you can automatically join orders with your neighbours or friends to unlock free shipping for you all AND reduce your delivery carbon footprint by 70%! 

Join your building’s Wonderpack today to say goodbye to the shipping fees and that mountain of boxes by the door!  

🗸 Get FREE shipping

🗸 Save money

🗸 Save the planet

Need Access? Wonderpack is available on an invite-only basis. You can ask for early access for your building by sending us a message below or via info(a)wonderpack.app. 

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