Amazon Logistics Tracking

How to Track a Parcel using Amazon Logistics Tracking Number?

It is easy to track an Amazon package using TrackMyPack. Visit the website or install the app & paste your tracking number in the search field. Then, click on the magnifying glass to track a package. TrackMyPack is the most efficient and accurate parcel tracking facility. It accepts all Amazon logistics tracking numbers and helps you track your package at the national and international levels. You can even enable “Push” notifications to get instant updates about the Amazon delivery status. All you have to do is select the “Settings” tab on the Profile section of the website or app. Once you enable the push notifications, be assured that you’ll never miss any update regarding your package delivery. Moreover, you’ll always get timely and reliable information about your shipment.


Amazon Logistics Tracking from Canada, USA, and the UK​

With only a few clicks on TrackMyPack, you can track Amazon Logistics TBA couriers worldwide, including Canada, the USA, and the UK. When someone sends you a package, the sender provides you with the Amazon logistics tracking number. Use it to track your package’s delivery status and know your mail or package location.

Information about Amazon Logistics Tracking

All orders processed and shipped by Amazon are marked as “delivery by Amazon”. Amazon is a Seattle-based e-commerce store that Jeff Bezos founded in 1994. It began as an online bookstore or platform that offers the facility of purchase and sale of books online. The idea was to give the international audience access to an exhaustive catalogue so that their knowledge does not stay limited to physical libraries. The company was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 1997. Today, it sells practically all kinds of products online–video games, computer equipment, accessories, software, games and toys, clothing, furnishings, cosmetics, jewellery, food products, and much more. It also offers doorstep delivery services. Over the last decade, the company has experienced exponential growth; the company surpassed Walmart as a preferred merchant in the United States in 2015. Amazon Prime is its in-house expedited delivery service. Across the world, it has, at present, over 100 million subscribers. 

The company is the largest online retailer by market cap across the globe. In 2020 itself, around a million people were employed by Amazon. There are specific sites for several countries, and the original American site was set up in 1995. Technological innovation in its products & services drives the continual growth of Amazon. The company has also developed audio and video streaming platforms; Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Video. It offers electronic products like the Kindle e-reader and the Amazon Fire TV Stick. TrackMyPack also has the Amazon return tracking feature.

In 2017 itself, the e-commerce store shipped over 5 billion products worldwide. One of its prime objectives is to continuously reduce the redundancies in its supply chain to save costs. Package delivery is one of Amazon’s main expenses. Before its own delivery service, the company dispatched its shipments using major carriers and delivery service providers like Amazon USPS tracking, DHL, Or FedEx. Since Amazon started its shipping service, it has significantly saved on its costs. However additionally, the company continues to collaborate with third parties. To know if your package has been dispatched through Amazon shipment services, look for the phrase “delivered by Amazon” on your package.

Other features of Amazon delivery services include product delivery on Sundays and its operation through a network of subcontracted delivery drivers making deliveries through the Amazon Flex program. Amazon makes deliveries directly from the warehouses. So, the third-party carrier does not need to wait to receive the package before sending it to a customer. Similarly, the customer need not wait to use the Amazon return tracking feature on TrackMyPack. It reduces the time gap between the customer placing the order and the package with the Amazon Logistics Tracking number getting dispatched to the customer’s location. Besides, this facility has helped Amazon significantly increase its delivery capacity. It has also made same-day and free two-day delivery possible with Amazon Prime. All the products are randomly stored in the warehouses, making it possible for Amazon to have a wide range of products available. Once the order is placed, the product is directed to the manager (who has to pick the item) through a robotic chain that facilitates the transport of products within the warehouse.

When the product is set out from the stock for delivery, it is transported through a conveyor belt to the packing station. Then, it is weighed, packaged, and its contents are checked. Upon validation, it is labelled and placed in a trailer, which is assigned as per the delivery method, time of delivery and destination. These transport vehicles carry over 2,000 packages for every trip and dispatch orders from the distribution centres to the sorting centres. Eventually, all packages are classified as per delivery time and destination. Finally, different subcontracting carriers or Amazon takes care of the packages.

How much time does it take to deliver an Amazon USPS Package subject to Tracking by TrackMyPack?

Among the several senders on Amazon, the majority ship a package with Amazon logistics tracking number within two working days. The delivery times are as follows:

  • Standard USA option ranges between four to 14 business days post-shipment. It can even take three weeks.
  • Option of two days, United States: around two working days after the shipment.
  • Expedited option, United States: sometime between two to six business days after the shipment.
  • One day option, United States: one business day after the shipment has been made.
  • International expedited option: between three to seven business days. The indicated delivery time can vary based on the package’s destination country, public holidays, customs, varying weather conditions and busy periods like Christmas (during these days, the order volume is higher than usual).
  • International standard option: this ranges between three to six weeks post-shipment. The option can take about 12 weeks (if there is a customs delay or any other type of delay).

Moreover, the size and weight also affect the package’s delivery time. We suggest you check with the seller if any additional delay is expected. This could be due to the delivery taking place in rural areas or due to the presence of large packages. Accordingly, the amazon return tracking on the TrackMyPack website or app also gets delayed. 

All Amazon deliveries take place every week from 8 am to 8 pm. The customer can have the package delivered only during the weekend. Once they log into their account on the Amazon site, they have to select “delivery preference” and set it to the weekend as the preferred shipping method. Suppose the customer is not available at the location at the time of delivery and the reception does not need a signature. In that case, the Amazon delivery person can hand over the package to a guard, neighbour, or concierge. The delivery person can also leave the package with the Amazon USPS tracking number in a safe place like the mailbox. 

After the Amazon shipping, the delivery person leaves a notice of passage if a signature is required on the package and the customer is not present. The following delivery attempt will be made on the next working day. If there are three consecutive unsuccessful delivery attempts, along with sending a shipping update, Amazon will keep the package in “delivery pending” status for three days. Following this, it will be returned to the Amazon distribution centre. The delivery costs vary, depending upon the size, volume, weight of the order, and the Amazon shipping method. However, there are some packages, each having an Amazon logistics tracking number, of which the delivery of Amazon is free. It is shown on the product page in the delivery options.

The General Delivery Rates are the following:

  • The Standard Expedition International option: the delivery takes place between 9 to 12 days. The cost is around $9.69 per shipment and $2.89 for every unit. Prices remain the same within the U.S. When sending an Amazon package to the non-continental United States area–the Northern Mariana Islands, the Marshall Islands, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, or Samoa–the rates may increase. 
  • Prioritaire Expedition World option: the delivery is done in, at the most, four days. The total charges include about $49 for every shipment + 6. $99 for every unit.

Amazon is among the largest international e-commerce stores and delivers a wide variety of products to several countries. The e-commerce giant ships packages with Amazon return tracking numbers and Amazon logistics tracking numbers to over 100 countries and regions worldwide. The Amazon delivery options are available for the United States customers to many countries, including the United Kingdom, China, the European Union, Australia, Canada, India, and Mexico. Now, more Asian and African countries are also being added to the list. Note that there are still some restrictions when it comes to delivery; the e-commerce store does not ship to North Korea, Cuba, Somalia, Iran, Myanmar, Iraq and Botswana. The store ships its products across the globe through Amazon Global. The shipping costs, available products, and delivery charges can vary depending upon the place of shipment and the package’s destination. The estimated delivery time may increase due to several factors, including periods of high order flows, variable weather conditions, holidays, possible customs delays, and public holidays.

How can one view the trail of Amazon packages being subject to USPS tracking?

The Amazon USPS delivery tracking is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is go to the “My Orders” page on the Amazon website, select the “Track Package” tab next to the order you want to track and scroll down to the bottom of the Shipment Details page. Here, you will find your USPS tracking number. Then, just enter this number into the USPS package search field that you will find at the top of the page. It does not matter whether you are shipping just a single package or hundreds of packages, Amazon’s UPS Parcel Tracker provides you all the information about your package’s status. This helps you achieve peace of mind about the package’s shipping status.

What is a package’s Amazon logistics Tracking Number?

A Package Tracking Number is a code allotted to every Amazon package. It allows you to track your parcel with an Amazon USPS tracking number or an Amazon return tracking number between various countries or within the same country. So, the numbers can be traced either inside the sender’s country or internationally. The Package Tracking number for packages within the United States generally has 18 characters. It begins with “1Z”, followed by a shipper number consisting of six characters (both numbers and letters). Then, there is a service level indicator that consists of two digits. The final eight digits help identify the package. Note that the very last digit is a check digit.

A Package Tracking Number is a code allotted to every Amazon package. It allows you to track your parcel with an Amazon USPS tracking number or an Amazon return tracking number between various countries or within the same country. So, the numbers can be traced either inside the sender’s country or internationally. The Package Tracking number for packages within the United States generally has 18 characters. It begins with “1Z”, followed by a shipper number consisting of six characters (both numbers and letters). Then, there is a service level indicator that consists of two digits. The final eight digits help identify the package. Note that the very last digit is a check digit.

You can even track your parcel without using any tracking numbers. It can be done by assigning a reference while your shipment is being created. It consists of 35 characters and is similar to a client number or a purchase order number. To know about the tracking history, all customers can log into You can see around 75 of your tracked packages at one point in time. A tracking history table allows all customers to store as many as 50 tracking numbers for easy access to the tracking history. Further, customers can even add or change the package descriptions to get a quick reference. UPS enables the customers to stay up-to-date with all the crucial details of their shipments across the entire supply chain. It empowers the customers to track all their packages within the United States or while moving across the globe. UPS even allows the customers to monitor and modify their home delivery packages, plan their outgoing packages and get locations from their mobile devices.


How do I contact Amazon?

The company is headquartered in South Lake Union, Seattle, the United States of America and the registered office is based in Europe. The address is Amazon EU SARL., 5 Rue Plaetis, 2338 Luxembourg. 

The address of the other registered office that is based in France is: Amazon, 67 Boulevard du Général Leclerc, 92110, Clichy, France. Their customer service can be contacted all seven days a week. The phone number is 1-888-280-4331. The customer care officials can also be contacted through the “Customer Service” section of the website. If the customer has an issue and wants to chat, the option is available from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 12 am. Through social media: you can reach Amazon on Twitter. Its handle: @AmazonHelp. If you want to reach out to Amazon to report any problems related to the account or want an invoice, send an email to: However, if you have any general questions, drop the email to

The format of the Amazon return tracking number or the Amazon logistics tracking number depends on the carrier that picks up a package. Generally, the format consists of capital letters & numbers. Shipments to Mexico, the United States, and Canada have a tracking number that begins with TBM, TBA, or TBC. For all shipments that are sent to Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, the Amazon tracking number begins with CC. 

How to Track My Package using Track My Pack?

All you have to do is install the free app. Then, enter your package’s Amazon USPS tracking number and name (this is optional). Then, click on “Start tracking” and know the package’s status. Here, you will also get to know the latest location and the estimated time of arrival of the package. To track your Amazon package link your Amazon account inside TrackMyPack app

How to add and save a new package on the TrackMyPack app or website?

Upon signing up on the free app, add a new package by just tapping on the yellow (+) icon present on the top right corner of the TrackMyPack app. Then, enter the Amazon package number. You can also automatically import packages from Gmail or Amazon. To add multiple packages, link your Gmail or Amazon account within the TrackMyPack website or App. This will automatically import all of your packages. Visit the Profile section of the app to link your Gmail and Amazon accounts. If you want to share your package with others, visit the app and simply tap on a package. Then, click on the share icon at the top right corner of the details page. Finally, select the method of sharing you would want to use. This includes text, email, and Whatsapp.

Why is My Package delayed as I Track My Package on TrackMyPack?

If you want to inquire about any delays or have any questions related to the shipping and delivery of your package having an Amazon logistics tracking number, contact your shipping company. The TrackMyApp app or website provides the package’s tracking status. To know more, install the TrackMyPack app or visit the website.


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