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How to track a parcel using China Post tracking official number?

Tracking a package being delivered by China Post is easy with TrackMyPack. Once you have installed the free Android or iOS app on your mobile device, type your package’s China Post tracking official number and (optionally) package name. Then, click on “Start tracking” to locate the package at that time. You will also get to know the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). You can even track your package using the TrackMyPack website on your desktop. Your item is assigned a tracking number from the package’s sender or the store where the order was placed.

TrackMyPack is a reliable parcel tracking app that accepts any local or international tracking number for you to track your package. It is a global package tracking website that helps you locate your item anywhere across the world. Once you select the “My Packs” option on the app after creating your account, you see a list of all the items that are out for delivery or delivered. To know the shipping status of a particular item, select the package name and you will see all details–the location, the date and time of the item arriving at the location, and the delivery status. If you have any concerns or queries about the package details (name, number of SKUs, etc.), contact the package sender or the shipping store/company.

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Information about China Post global tracking

China Post is among the most used postal services by retailers and merchants in Mainland China. It offers premium international shipping services while ensuring that all orders are delivered in a maximum of 30 days. The company is officially known as China Post Group Corporation.

It is China’s official operational postal transit service and provides postal services for the entire national territory, exception Macau and Hong Kong.The company was set up in 1949 and replaced the Chunghwa Post–the main player in Mainland China’s postal service. It also replaced the Universal Postal Union in 1972.

The China Post global tracking postal operator is supervised by the State Post Bureau, which officially regulates China’s postal service. China Post delivers around millions of packages every year. Most of these are from Chinese or international e-commerce markets. It is a state-run firm that represents a huge network comprising 236 sorting centres & 82,116 branches. Over 8,60,000 people are employed by China Post. Different shipment types, each assigned a China Post tracking official number, are offered by China Post depending on the package type–small or large packages, and Express Courier Service or Epacket. The transport mode is assigned as per the shipment’s urgency and the price of the package.

There are three types of parcels. Air parcels, which transit through China Air Parcel are transported by air. Use TrackMyPack to carry out China Post air tracking of China Air Parcel. Surface packages are transported by land or sea. The third type, Surface Air Lift packages are picked up by sea, air, or land. A specific service–China Post International Small packet–is used to send packages weighing less than 2 kgs from China to the rest of the world and within the country. Therefore, it is the most economical shipping method and is the most preferred parcel delivery choice of individuals & professionals. Products generally sent through this shipping method include small gadgets, cosmetics, mobile phone or computer components, cleaning products, smartphones, clothing, accessories, decoration, or small sporting goods. All parcels are also assigned a China Post tracking official number.

This delivery method is also generally used to ship products from e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay, among others. Further, the ePacket shipping method that came up in 2011 has been mainly created for the e-commerce sector to expedite the shipping services. The ePacket service is given as part of the Express Mail Service. It was offered after an agreement between the Hong Kong Post and the United States Postal Service (as China Post USPS tracking takes place) to create a more efficient shipment & transit of products for sellers and customers in these territories. This resulted in e-commerce players and sellers having a real advantage in the market. 

Besides, it offers several shipping options to the customers while ensuring follow-ups. This has built the confidence of all kinds of consumers: professionals and individuals. Other territories that want more efficient and greater access to the US market have also reaped the benefits of ePacket agreements. Through the ePacket service, international shipping of all packages with China Post tracking official numbers can be done more safely and efficiently. As such, it is the best option for sellers who want to ship their products internationally. Light consignments and other such parcels are primarily shipped through the ePacket service. The TrackMyPack Website or App can also perform China Post air tracking of China Air Parcel. The specifications of goods to be shipped through the ePacket service are:

  • The products should weigh 2kg at the most.
  • The item value should not be more than $400.
  • The package size should not exceed 24 inches by 36 inches.

In the ePacket service, products that cannot be delivered are returned for free. The door-to-door China Post USPS ePacket tracking facility (ePacket delivery) is available to the customer at no extra cost. Further, customers also have a delivery routing facility that can be used throughout the shipment. If you have an e-commerce company, you can use ePacket to familiarize yourself with various regulations of postal transit while getting shipping options at a low cost. The China Post USPS tracking is also possible but only in certain cases: The United States Postal Service can track those China Post Register Airmail, ePacket, EMS, and Air/Sea combined parcels that are shipped from China to the USA. But China Post Direct Xpress Mail Parcel and China Post Ordinary Small Packet is not subject to China Post USPS tracking or China Post global tracking.

How much time does it take to deliver China Post?

The delivery time of all packages assigned China Post tracking official numbers varies from a week to 90 days. The factors that influence delivery time and date include package dimensions (its weight and size), the degree of emergency, and the destination country. Use the TrackMyPack app or website to carry out China Post global tracking of the parcel ordered by you.

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The weight and size classifications of China Post packages:

If the parcel’s weight is not more than 2 kg, it is considered a small package. If the package weighs between 2kg to 30kg, it falls into the category of a large package. For parcels sent to certain countries, the maximum weight for large packages is limited to 20kg. These countries include New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Chile, India, Egypt, Thailand, Ukraine, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Philippines, and Tajikistan. For delivery to Poland, the package weight is limited to 15kg and for Singapore, the weight limit is 40kg.

Smaller packages are prioritized for shipment over larger packages. That is why it takes longer for the bigger packages to get delivered. Further, parcels weighing up to 30kg must have the following dimensions: below 1.5 metres in length and below three metres in width. Packages with a weight of 20kg need to be less than 1.05 metres in length and below two metres in width. The minimum size of a package must be more than 0.24 metres in length and 0.16 metres in width.

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How is China Post air tracking made possible?

It takes place when the air delivery methods–China Air Parcel and Surface Air Lift–are used. It generally takes five days to a month for the receiver to get a package. The China Post air tracking can be done using the TrackMyPack website or app. Sometimes, the surface package deliveries can even take over a month. The estimated times for every mode of delivery are as follows:

Transport via air:
  • To countries lying on China’s border: from five to 10 days.
  • To Latin America: between 10 to 20 days.
  • To Europe and the US: from a week to 16 days.
  • To Africa, and other regions or countries: from 15 days to one month.
  • For surface packages: between one to two months, depending on the destination country.
  • For air parcels Surface Air Lift: any time from 15 days to 20 days, whatever may be the destination country.
  • For ePacket packages: between 10 to 20 days to the United States. For other recipient countries, the shipping time may be longer.

Other factors that can cause delivery delays include holiday periods, changing weather conditions, probable errors in sharing the recipient’s contact details, and possible customs inspections.

How is a China Post tracking official number assigned to a package?

China Post global tracking delivery follows specific tracking number formats:

  • Numbers starting with R, followed by digits: China Post Registered Airmail
  • Numbers starting with EA, followed by numbers: EMS and Epacket
  • Numbers starting with L, followed by digits: China Post ePacket
  • Number starting with CP, followed by digits: China Post Registered Surface Mail.
  • If the shipment is from China, the tracking number ends with CN, but it ends with HK if the parcel is from Hong Kong.

What are the various China Post global tracking stages?

When you track a China Post package subject to air tracking through TrackMyPack, you will see the phrase “in transit” at various locations in the timeline. It means that the parcel:

  • Is dispatched from the country of origin, or/and
  • Handed over to the carrier, or/and
  • Is reaching its destination, or/and
  • Is under customs control, or/and
  • Is in domestic transit
  • Is in another transit zone or country waiting to be sent to the destination.

Other possible China Post tracking and shipping status types:

  • Processed through facility
  • Item sent to domestic location
  • Mutual development
  • Processed through sort facility
  • Acceptance
  • Export of international mail
  • Departure from outward Office of Exchange
  • Arrival at inward office of exchange
  • Dispatching
  • Arrived at USPS facility
  • Reception at customs house
  • Import of international mail
  • Mailed
  • Wishpost order generated
  • Item accepted from the sender
  • Sent item to domestic location
  • Departed USPS destination facility
  • Posting/collection
  • Arrived at unit
  • Arrival at delivery office
  • Consignment was posted
  • Receive item at office of exchange
  • Accepted by carrier
  • Handed over to customs
  • Departure from inward office of exchange
  • Final Delivery
  • Departure from airport to destination country
  • Item inserted into bag
  • Processing, being forwarded to the postman
  • Processing, handed to a mail carrier
  • Reception
  • Sent from
  • Arrived at processing centre from China
  • Accepted at the post office
  • Received by line-haul
  • Has been closed
  • Inbound in sorting centre
  • Outbound in sorting centre
  • Departed USPS facility
  • Waiting for pick up
  • Electronic information has been received
  • Processing, departed from place of return, or redelivery
  • Shipment confirmation
  • Has been received
  • Left for the destination country, next stop
  • Arrived at local delivery office
  • Shipment operation completed at facility
  • Delivered in/at mailbox
  • Shipment information has been received
  • Shipment arrived at Shenzhen facility
  • Has been opened
  • Airline departed from original country
  • Delivered
  • Received by the Brazil post
  • Delivery attempt failed
  • Unsuccessful delivery
  • Arrived at destination country
  • Handed over to airline
  • Arrived
  • Left for the destination country
  • Arrived at exchange office
  • Has been sealed
  • Forwarded
  • Object subject to inspection & delay on delivery
  • Posted
  • Out for delivery
  • Delivery status not updated
  • Departed from USPS regional facility
  • In transit to the destination
  • Arrived at USPS regional destination facility
  • Arrival at sorting centre
  • Delivered, front desk/reception
  • Posting
  • Dispatchment done from the sorting centre
  • Item delivered to the Front Desk or Reception Area
  • Arrived at the processing centre, from
  • Arrived at hub
  • Successfully delivered
  • Out for delivery
  • Item handed over to the local courierv
  • Tracking over
  • Waiting for pickup
  • Exchanged
  • Shipped
  • Import clearance success
  • Received
  • Dispatch from the point of origin-International Office
  • Item dispatchedv
  • Arrived at the destination country
  • Item in transit
  • Departure from airport to destination country
  • Departed from carrier
  • Departed from customs of the original country
  • Arrived at first mile sorting centre
  • Departed from the first-mile sorting centre
  • Processing centre for
  • Arrived from overseas, in transit to next
  • Released from customs
  • Centre customs scan
  • Leaving centre, next station centre
  • Centre received
  • Arrived at the local distribution centre
  • Undeliverable
  • Departed from the local distribution centre
  • Awaiting release from China
  • International item mailed in the country of origin
  • Shipment cancelled
  • Consignment delivered
  • Ready for pickup at the delivery place
  • Consignment is being prepared for delivery
  • Incoming international
  • Consignment has entered the logistics hub
  • Processing, departure from inward office of exchange
  • Hand over to customs
  • Item sent to domestic location
  • Item sent from the Office of Exchange of the country of origin to the destination country
  • Left the warehouse
  • Arrived at the warehouse
  • Attempted delivery
  • Return, storage life is expired.

In what ways can the China Post shipping services be contacted?

The China Post tracking and shipping services are available in agencies that remain open from Monday till Saturday. Online support is available 24/7. The registered office is in China at this address:

Number 3, Financial Street, Xicheng, Beijing Postal Code (100808)

Customer service contact details: +8611183 (from a landline) or +862011185

Email ID is

Can the China Post package subject to USPS tracking be edited in the TrackMyPack app?

After you log in, choose the package that you wish to edit. Click on the edit icon on the top right corner of the page. A new page will open. Now, make changes to your China Post tracking official number or its carrier. If you want to archive a package, swipe left on any item on your list and select the “remove” icon. You can even add multiple packages. Here is how: Link your Gmail or Amazon account within the TrackMyPack app. In this way, all your packages will automatically get imported. Go to the Profile section of the app to link Gmail and Amazon.

How to share a package with others through TrackMyPack?

Log in to the app or website. Then, select a package and click on the share icon at the top right corner of the details page. Choose the method you would want to use for sharing the China Post parcel subject to global tracking. The choices include text, email, Whatsapp, among others. To get China Post tracking and shipping updates, you can even enable push notifications: Visit the Profile section of the app or website and tap on “Settings”. Enable the push notifications option and never miss an update regarding the delivery of your package.

What does “waiting for information” mean on TrackMyPack?

It is a delivery status that implies that the China Post air tracking and shipping company or carrier does not yet have information about this parcel. When the package information is available, you will be automatically notified by the TrackMyPack app or website. Ensure that you have enabled push notifications for the app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Besides, check your China post tracking official number and the carrier twice to confirm that you have entered the correct details.


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