How to Track your China post package

China, one of the biggest countries in the world, and it is also considered as a country with the most number of citizens. China has been considered one of the most progressive countries in the world, they lead in manufacturing, and they produce almost all the household items that are used in all of the countries in the world. The trademark label that contains the words “made in China” is very well known, everyone knows where China is and everyone knows the quality products produced by this country. Being one of the major product producing countries in the world, China is no stranger to delivering products from one place to another. Most factories get their products from China, even stores buy goods directly from China, and how do they get these products straight from China? The answer is through China Post. China Post is the official logistics company of the country, and they bring products from China to other countries all over the world. The services provided by China Post are very diverse and very specific. Each type of service from China Post has distinct advantages and disadvantages, it depends on which the customer prefers, and you can definitely find what you are looking for, with the help of the various options.

Since products will be brought from one place of another, as customers, we would like to make sure that our products are on the move and that it will get to us soon. Let us now discuss how you can track your products using China Post, and we will also discuss the different options you can choose from. These options actually depend on the products that you would like to deliver from China, and also involve other factors.

How do you track your China Post package?

In order to track your parcel using China Post, you need to have your package tracking number, the tracking number for China Post packages have alphanumeric codes; these codes differ depending on the service that you chose. China Post offers the following types of product that you can ship – Small Parcels (Small Packet) or Large Packages. See the specific weight that is required for the product to be considered “small” or “large”

  • Small Parcels or Small Packets – below 2 kilograms (less than 4.40 pounds)
  • Large Packages – over 2 kilograms (more than 4.40 pounds) and less than 20 kilograms (44 pounds), 30 kilograms (66 pounds) or 40 kilograms (88 pounds)

The code for Small Parcels has 13 characters and ends in CN, other than the size and weight of the product; it will also depend on the way it will be delivered.

Basically, to track your China Post package, you just need to enter your 13 digit package tracking number in any of the websites that offer tracking services for China Post, there are several, the one most frequently used is China Postal Tracking. Customers of China Post, frequently post questions on the specified website. It is a very straight forward way. To use the official website of China Post (which is not translated in English but is in Mandarin) and track your packages you can use this link – China Post Track your Package. China Post gives their customers easy access in finding out where their product is. Customers of China Post need to take note of the option they choose when they selected China Post as their product courier. These options will be discussed next.

Types of Ways to send products via China Post

China Post customers can choose 3 ways in sending their packages: (1) Air Mail (2) Express Mail Service, “EMS” (3) China International Express, also known as China Express.

Air Mail, based on its name, uses air travel, planes, for your products to reach its destination. EMS option is for products that will be sent quickly from one place to another, if you need to quickly send your products to another country then this should be the option for you. EMS provides quick and quality service to make sure that your product will reach its destination as quick as possible. Lastly, China Express, this type of service is common for products that will be sent from China to a European country. China Express and Holland TNT, worked together to make this possible, this delivery option gives priority to your products and allows for a safer way for your product to get to its destination.

Each service is different and has the own requirements, when it comes to the size and weight of the product. Each service has its own pros and cons as well, if you would like your package to arrive as quickly as possible, then EMS is for you. If you are willing to wait and would like your product to reach a European country then China Express is for you, if you are willing to wait and prefer a cheaper option then Air Mail is for you.

China Post provides the duration of the estimate wait times for each type of product per service chosen; you can check this on their official website and in third party websites too. China Post makes sure that your product will arrive in good condition and as quickly as possible, based on your chosen option, also, there is an option to either register your product or leave it unregistered. Customers need to take note that unregistered products cannot be tracked. China Post ensures diversity in their different methods of delivering products but the quality of the delivery is the same across all types.


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