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How to Track a Package Through the DHL eCommerce Tracking Number?

If you want to easily track your DHL eCommerce package, use the TrackMyPack app on your Android or iOS device. You can even visit the website. You only need to paste your parcel’s tracking number in the search field. Then, you’ll get to see the entire timeline, including the location and delivery status of the package. TrackMyPack is undoubtedly the most power-packed parcel tracking app. Search for any international tracking number on TrackMyPack.

It is a global shipment tracking website that gives accurate and detailed information about your package. The app also has the feature of DHL live tracking and tracks couriers across national borders. With only a few clicks, you get to know everything about the whereabouts of your package in a matter of minutes. But make sure that when a parcel is sent to you, you are given the relevant tracking number by the sender. It is a code, which when entered in the search bar, will reveal precise information about the status and location of your package.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver a Package Having the DHL eCommerce Tracking Number?

Founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn in 1969 (the initials of its creators inspire the name DHL), the coming of DHL shipment services revolutionized the world of logistics. TrackMyPack offers DHL cargo tracking facility on the app and website. Presently, DHL is the leading logistics company across the globe. They have around 400,000 employees working in more than 220 countries and territories. At the same time, the company is expanding its roots in newer markets and thus, growing its business.

DHL–a German logistics company providing package delivery, courier, and express mail service–is a division of Deutsche Post, the German logistics firm. The delivery time of the parcels shipped through Deutsche Post varies depending upon the mode of transport and the distance from the destination country.

Other points regarding delivery time:

On average, the lead times for parcels insured by air take around one to 10 working days. It depends on how near the recipient country is and the selected option. Usually, the fastest delivery time has been recorded between 2 to 3 working days for countries adjacent to the shipment location. The maximum time taken for long distances is about four weeks.


In general, the deadlines of the deliveries subject to DHL live tracking on TrackMyPack depend upon the customs regulations of the destination country and the options chosen by customers:

DHL Express shipments are delivered to most destinations between 1 to 6 days. However, if the standard delivery option has been chosen, it takes a little longer for the shipment to reach its destination. Whether the parcel sender opts for DHL Express or standard delivery depends upon the destination of the package and the degree of urgency of the delivery.


For delivering parcels with DHL eCommerce tracking numbers that comprise apparel, product samples, consumer electronics accessories, or any other qualified item less than one pound, DHL carries out the shipping services for customers through the DHL SmartMail Parcel. The package is assigned a DHL smartmail tracking number in such a case. It is a reliable parcel delivery service that saves shipping costs. It has three service levels and offers shipment value protection of up to 100 USD.

Features of a DHL SmartMail Parcel

  • Maximum dimensions: 27″x17″x17″
  • Length and Girth ≤ 50”
  • Delivery service levels:- Ground (3 to 8 average postal days), Expedited (2 to 5 average postal days), Expedited Max (2/3 postal days).
  • Free delivery on Saturday
  • No residential surcharge
  • Free end-to-end tracking is available through the Customer Web Portal.

Data About Deutsche DHL Group Deliveries

The company first began its activities by transporting cargo documents from San Francisco to Honolulu. This, it did, to be able to begin customs processing of a ship’s cargo before it arrived. Thus, the waiting time at the port was significantly reduced.

This was a respite to several customers who needed their packages delivered fast. Further, DHL took the initiative to create a new sector of activity–the international air express service. TrackMyPack offers you the facility to perform DHL live tracking of all parcels delivered through the air express service using the TrackMyPack app or website.

Sometime between 1971 and 1978, the firm rapidly expanded its network and activity. It started offering its services in the Far East and the Pacific, and eventually in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

It was in the year 1979 that DHL began its parcel delivery service. In 2002, it was fully acquired by the Deutsche Post. At the time, the DHL brand was generalized to various group divisions, and DHL became its Express division. The Germany-based Deutsche Post was founded in 1989. It specializes in transport and logistics. Deutsche Post undertakes the transportation of mail and parcels in Europe, Germany, and worldwide. TrackMyPack offers the DHL cargo tracking facility at your fingertips. All you have to do is enter your DHL eCommerce tracking number. The app’s algorithm will work its way to track your package while displaying the entire timeline.

The Deutsche Post is also gradually expanding its operations worldwide by entering into targeted partnerships, investments, and acquisitions. It aims to expand its market space by offering integrated services.

The firm bought Global Mail–the most significant private provider of mail services in the United States– in 1998 and started offering its services to the North American market. The Euro Express was launched in the same year. This enabled Deutsche Post to become the leader in parcel and express delivery services for professionals all over Europe.

Then, in 1999, the company acquired Danzas, a major global player in logistics. It also took over Air Express International in the same year and thus, significantly expanded its transport network and service portfolio. Many successive acquisitions later, it became Deutsche Post DHL Group in March 2015.

Today, the world leader in logistics–DHL Group comprises five specialized entities: 

    • DHL Express: The most popular service wherein rapid transportation of mail and parcels is done. The transport division DHL Aviation is a part of it.
  • DHL Global Mail: This is Deutsche Post’s international division and takes care of the international postal distribution of parcels and mails.
  • DHL Freight specializes in land-based freight transport (road, rail, inland waterway) in Europe.
  • DHL Global Forwarding: International air and sea transport fall under this.
  • DHL Supply Chain: The group’s primary division that specializes in logistics. It is at the forefront of providing contract logistics solutions worldwide as it offers tailor-made solutions to clients. These customers are professionals who can optimize the supply chain value using the DHL Supply Chain. They can also track the parcel(s) using the DHL smartmail tracking feature on TrackMyPack.  

All About DHL eCommerce Tracking USA

DHL eCommerce is an intermediary shipper for a client waiting for their package in the USA. Personnel from the DHL eCommerce services pick up parcels from the sender and transport them via DHL’s logistics network. The package is then handed over to the USPS. To carry out DHL live tracking of the package on TrackMyPack, use the 22-digit USPS tracking number assigned to the package.


DHL eCommerce also offers shipping services in Canada. For tracking such a package, you would need to enter the 16-digit Canada Post tracking number in the search field on the TrackMyPack app or website.

Note that any package delivered through any mode is assigned a DHL eCommerce tracking number.

The Deutsche Post DHL Group operates in two major segments: logistics optimization services for eCommerce; and international express parcel delivery, supply chain management services, and freight transport. The Deutsche Post DHL Group is the first logistics supplier with expertise in eCommerce. The company has over 5,70,000 employees worldwide and has branches in over 220 regions and countries.

In 2020, the group had a turnover of over 66 billion euros. Every year, the Deutsche Post DHL Group transports, on average, 1.3 billion packages.

What is a DHL eCommerce Tracking Number?

A tracking number or ID is a combination of letters and numbers assigned to your shipment. The total length of the number varies between 10 to 39 characters. As a rule, the merchant, seller, or online shop provides the tracking ID or number. Once you order a product from an online store, you get a confirmation email or a shipment notification that contains the tracking ID or number. You can track your package within 1 to 2 days of receiving confirmation from the merchant or online store. Resort to DHL smartmail tracking on the TrackMyPack app or website.

What is DHL eCommerce USPS Tracking?

DHL eCommerce offers domestic shipping services after partnering with local postal services like the USPS. The USPS takes care of the final mile and return pickups, while DHL manages packages’ initial pickup and sorting. The DHL tracking API service tracks your USPS tracking number across USPS, DHL eCommerce, and many other couriers to find the location of your package, reveal tracking statuses, and much more. DHL cargo tracking is also possible on TRackMyPack. All information is displayed in an easy-to-consume format that shows the entire picture and thus gives the customer a clear idea about the shipment’s progress.

How does DHL eCommerce Shipment Tracking Take Place?

It is a facility through which you can accurately track your packages. Once the order is shipped out, a tracking number or Shipment ID will be assigned to you. After typing this ID or tracking number, you get to know the shipment status and the time of day you will get the order. If, for some reason, there will be a delay in the order from getting dispatched or delivered, the same is conveyed to you by the company.

Note that end-to-end tracking to the destination is limited for certain DHL eCommerce services. The various DHL eCommerce services that offer shipment tracking are as follows:

  • DHL Global Mail Standard Tracking, DHL Global Mail Business Tracking, and DHL SM Parcel Expedited.
  • DHL Global Mail Packet Plus Priority
    • It is similar to postal shipping and different from DHL courier. The personnel from this service pick up the orders from the seller’s warehouse. The orders are then sorted, necessary postage is applied to it, and is handled by the delivery person until the order reaches the destination. After the order arrives in your country, it is given to the local post office for customs processing (if needed) and delivery. The national postal service makes the delivery.
  • DHL SM Parcel Expedited Max
    • SmartMail is the fastest and most reliable delivery service in DHL’s portfolio. However, as DHL eCommerce’s premium parcel service, Expedited Max is the ideal fit for clients looking for a fast and credible shipping option at an affordable rate.
  • DHL Packet Plus International
    • It includes economical, low-weight shipping. The tracking also gives alerts of milestones achieved in the delivery status.
  • DHL Parcel International Standard
    • Any package weighing up to 44 lbs is shipped.
  • DHL Packet Plus International Standard
    • It is the international B2C shipping service spread across more than 220 countries. This service is for items weighing up to 2 kg with range-definite transit times and simplified postal customs clearance. Like in the TrackMyPack app, there is a milestone tracking facility and delivery confirmation. There is also an insurance option.
  • DHL Parcel International Direct
    • For direct shipping till 20 kg to high-demand markets.
Other factors that can cause delivery delays include holiday periods, changing weather conditions, probable errors in sharing the recipient’s contact details, and possible customs inspections.

How can the Customer Contact the Deutsche DHL Group?

The Deutsche Post DHL Group’s registered office is situated in Bonn at this address:

Deutsche Post AG, 

Zentrale, Platz der Deutsche Post, 53113, Bonn

To reach out to their customer service, contact the officials between 7 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday and between 7 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

Contact details:

For international express delivery: +49(0)18063453003

For domestic express deliveries (Germany): +49(0)18063453001

If you want to reach out to the customer service in France, talk to the DHL officials between 8 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday and from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm on Saturdays. Call on this phone number: 0825100080. If you want information about the delivery status of a parcel, call on 08442480844. The service is available 24 hours for all days of the week. You can also track a parcel on the TrackMyPack app or website by searching for the DHL cargo tracking number or ID in the search field.

You can also track a package using the DHL smartmail tracking ID on TrackMyPack. If you want to use the DHL services, drop an SMS to +447720334455 by sending your tracking number or ID. You will get to know the latest information about the package location.

How to Identify the Tracking Number of a Deutsche Post DHL Group Delivery?

The DHL live tracking number assigned to a DHL parcel depends on the kind of delivery service selected. The DHL Express tracking number or ID is numeric and consists of 10 digits. It either begins with 000, JJD00, JJD01, or JVGL. The DHL Parcel tracking number or ID is alphanumeric and starts with JVGL, 3S, or JJD. It is then either followed by letters and numbers or only by numbers. The number of characters in the DHL eCommerce tracking number ranges between 10 to 39. The ID starts with RX GM, LX, or is up to 5 letters. It can also only comprise numbers.

The DHL Global Forwarding Tracking Number or ID Can Have Several Formats:

  • It may comprise of 7 digits only.
  • It can begin with one number and then be followed by two capital letters and around six digits.
  • It may start with 3 or 4 letters and then be followed by numbers.
  • It may even begin with the three-digit carrier code and then be followed by a hyphen and an eight-digit tracking number.

What are the Various Tracking States of a Parcel Delivered by the Deutsche Post DHL Group?

  • Redirected: there is an issue with the destination address because of which the package with the DHL eCommerce tracking number has been returned.
  • Non-delivery: the labeled package has not yet been received by the carrier.
  • Remaining post: the parcel is stored at the nearest post office or relay point and is waiting to be collected.
  • Arrived abroad: the package has arrived in the destination country.
  • In transit/in process: the package will be delivered.

What does “waiting for information” mean on TrackMyPack?

It is a delivery status that implies that the DHL air tracking and shipping company or carrier does not yet have information about this parcel. When the package information is available, you will be automatically notified by the TrackMyPack app or website. Ensure that you have enabled push notifications for the app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Besides, check your DHL tracking official number and the carrier twice to confirm that you have entered the correct details.


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