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Convenient life is an understatement of what customers expect today. Technology has affected almost every sector of the world. Online shopping dynamics have taken over the market with the level of ease it provides. People want convenience in living, and the shopping trends are gradually increasing the convenience level.

Today, we live in an era where we receive the desired product at our doorstep with just one click. Even the delivery of eligible products is increasing by the day. We started with clothing and footwear and have grown to order food items, beauty products, furniture, and even flowers at home. Isn’t it exciting? 

With the evolution of shopping accessibility, people are getting habitual of easy living. As much as we like to be spoilt, different shopping sites like eBay indulge in spoiling us. Sadly, with technical advancement comes potential challenges.

About eBay

eBay is yet another online marketplace that has a huge customer base. The platform was founded in 1995 and had over 150 million users across 190 countries. The platform contains over a billion listings. 

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 It is said that irrespective of your requirements, you will always find one thing that matches your choice and will be delivered to your doorstep. You can always rely on eBay delivery services no matter where you live. Even the global tracking of eBay packages is easier. With the assistance of the right sources like TrackMyPack app, it gets convenient to receive timely updates.

The platform understands the ardent need for an easy tracking system. eBay offers services in different languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, and German. With the competitive eBay delivery service tracking system, the platform contained more than 30 million users by 2000 and became one of the most trusted platforms. The growth in the sales at eBay clearly stated how well it attended to the customers and gave a satisfactory experience. Today, the number of eCommerce platforms has multiplied and are offering unique services. Although eBay has been one of the most trusted platforms, people are on their way to accessing much better services.

Order Delivery Challenges

Ordering your favorite products online is, of course, easier than ever. The real challenge starts once the order is dispatched. Everyone who loves shopping online would relate to the issue of late delivery updates. Most eCommerce stores provide online tracking solutions, but many of them are still lagging with tracking accessibility. Not getting the required delivery information ends up affecting you and your routine.

Having a bad experience with the delivery services is quite common. Because of the multiple factors, it gets hard to keep track of the deliveries. Many e-commerce stores are still not hyped and established enough to work on real-time delivery accessibility. A recent study showed that two-thirds of consumers had claimed bad experiences with the delivery services. What’s worse? People who have prepaid their orders feel cheated on with low-quality delivery checks. Over the past years of pulsating delivery advancements, there has been a gradual build-up of delivery problems.

The Solution To Delivery Issues

Delivery issues are pretty common to come across, and finding a solution is equally important. TrackMyPack is one of the best solutions for global tracking eBay and other delivery movements. The application is basically helping the customers to manage their packages with all the information at their hand. You can access the application for more than one delivery service tracking. You can use the application to track the orders handled by UPSP, Canada post, USP, and eBay delivery services tracking.

TrackMyPack needs eBay global shipping tracking number, which is provided while placing the order. Through the eBay tracking number, the application tracks your order. It offers real-time monitoring of your package. 

Some of the eBay international shipping tracking issues are resolved by the best tracking application at your disposal.

Have a look at the potential issues that arise during the international and national deliveries:

  • Late Deliveries: Getting your packages delivered late than usual is one of the most common issues customers face. The receivers are always doubtful of the delivery deets of their packages until clearly stated. Not just the receivers but even the senders are negatively affected by the late deliveries. The worst-case scenario is the international deliveries. Because of some obvious reasons, it is hard to keep up with the delivery schedule and updates every time. Although there are certain real-time trackers set for timely tracking, sometimes it gets hard to keep up with the movement of the package. This impacts the reputation of the store and the trust of the customers. TrackMyPack is here to rescue the customers. The application keeps a strong track of all the packages through the delivery id number you get while placing the order. Plus, the application informs you about the updates on time.
  • Delayed Customers Clearance: Custom problems are quite common when it comes to international deliveries. As we already know how delayed deliveries can lead to unhappy customers. Today, when time is precious for everyone, no one wants to wait for the urgent packages for the whole day. So, it is always better to inform the customers about the issue. In such cases, TrackMyPack can be a straightforward and easy solution. People today have limited time and patience, which is systematically maintained with the help of TrackMyPack.
  • Poor Customer Service: Experiencing poor customer service is quite common where delivery services are concerned. Most companies do not take the necessary accountability for their discrepancies in the system. The receivers suffer the incompetencies of the delivery services and end up receiving tampered or missing products. No one wants to experience rude and unhelpful customer service while taking delivery updates. Since it is quite common, people prefer waiting unwillingly than calling the customer service agents. TrackMyPack keeps you from contacting anyone in the first place. All you need to do is download the application and fill in the tracking id you got. The application will give you a direct vision of the movement of your parcel. Added to this, you can conveniently follow more than one parcel tracking on the same widget.
  • The Frequency In Delivery Issues: The delivery issues are not a one-time thing. Delivery issues are recurring and quite frequent. The repetitive mistakes and communication gaps between the sender and receiver play a major role in destroying the reputation of the sender. As far as the receiver is concerned, they paid for the product, and the rest is the sender’s responsibility. Although eCommerce stores and other senders try their best to keep up with the delivery schedules and satisfy the receiver. However, the inevitable circumstances can neither be controlled nor evaded. TrackMyPack comes to the rescue during such situations. The application keeps the receivers satisfied with the proper delivery deets. Whether it is the delayed delivery updates or the early arrival, the application notifies you timely.

High scalability

Technical assistance has resolved numerous issues in different verticals. No matter the situation, just knowing about it can relieve your anxiety and impatience. The tracking application does that for you. TrackMyPack, most importantly, keeps you notified of everything that happens.


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