How to track your eBay package

eBay is one of the pioneers in online shopping, eBay is the most common name used when you want to buy and especially sell your products to other people. eBay gave people the freedom to sell anything they would want on the internet, there are cases when this can be dangerous for safety reasons, but this article will focus on the good things you can do, thanks to eBay. eBay gives their customers freedom to choose the product they would like to sell and for how much they would like to sell it, after a purchase is made, naturally it’s time for the buyers to receive the products they paid for. To track the item you purchased from eBay, you can easily use the tracking service from eBay, but there are things that you need to consider before being able to track your item. We will be discussing this next!

How do I know that I can track my purchase from eBay?

Before you can track the item you got from eBay, this option should be allowed by the seller first. The first thing you need to check before buying something from eBay, other than if the product is legitimate or not, is the shipment or delivery option indicated by the seller on the product information. In order for you to track the product, the seller should choose a courier that allows tracking; otherwise you will be unable to check the delivery progress of the item that you have purchased. Sellers indicate the courier that they will use to ship your chosen item, from there you can click on the delivery option to know more about the courier that the seller will use. The courier information also includes if there is an option to track the product. Once you have confirmed that you can indeed track the delivery of the product then you are sure that this is a good buy!

How do I track my package from eBay?

Now that you know that the seller chose a courier that has tracking services you just need to go to eBay, go to your Purchase History, and then click on the item you wish to track then click on the tracking number indicated by the seller. The seller is required to upload the tracking information, especially if it was indicated in the product information. If there is no tracking information uploaded on the item, you can easily contact the seller through eBay.

In cases where the seller did not use a courier which has a tracking service, as a buyer, you have the option to ask the seller directly by contacting them on eBay, or you can wait for your package to arrive based on the indicated estimate arrival of delivery in the product information.

In eBay, since there are multiple sellers using the website, buyers need to be careful in choosing products they wish to buy, especially if they want to track their parcels, because once you complete an order without checking the delivery option it would be difficult to track the package if the seller will not use a courier with a parcel tracker service. Customers should be observant and they need to check all the details indicated about the product before clicking that “buy it now” button.


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