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The Easiest Way to Track Canada Post Package

Before we understand different postal and delivery services, let’s dig into some facts that prove that e-commerce has grown in the past few years. A recent study announced that there had been a massive online sales conversion in the past few years. E-commerce has lately become an indispensable part of the online retail framework globally. Making lives easier and shopping comfortable, online shopping stores are here to bridge the gap between what you want and what you get. Added to the increasing need to buy clothes online, e-commerce stores are rising because of the increased internet exposure.

As soon as online deliveries expand, their brand names and types are also multiplying. Today, you can access not one but multiple delivery services depending on their services. If you favor Canada post for all your deliveries, make sure you acknowledge Canada post customer service for your perusal.

The Challenges

Retail shopping attracts a huge customer base, but along with it comes an array of challenges. Most e-commerce stores offer prepaid options which are accompanied by appealing offers. People who have already paid for their orders find it challenging to keep up with the parcel’s movement. Of course, they would want to keep track of where their order is. Many eCommerce stores do not provide the facility to track the order in the right manner. They provide a tracking number when placing an order, but sometimes that doesn’t work.

One of the common challenges is not getting a tentative date for the delivery, which results in ruining a whole day. Imagine waiting for a parcel all day and not receiving it. Yes, it is frustrating. Despite being exposed to multiple delivery platforms, there are a few challenges that would always knock on your door. 

One of these delivery services is Canada Post. Let’s understand what exactly Canada Post is. 

What is Canada Post?

Canada Post Track Package is one of many postal services in Canada. It is operated by Canada Post Group. The postal services were earlier known as Royal Mail Canada, which was changed in 196o and was called Canada Post. With time the postal services accepted the modern-day cultures and schemes, which made them flourish even more. It is still said that the abolition of the Post Office Department has led to the independence and financial security of the overall postal services.

Canada Post is a group of multiple sub-companies that employs 60,000 + employees today. In 2000, the Canada Post stepped towards a massive expansion that included Epost. It started offering faster international deliveries for the satisfaction of the customers. Of course, it was a big need during the early times. International pathways were not established or supported by the advanced accessibilities, which called for an ardent need for better and faster delivery options.

How Can You Track Your Canada Post Package?

If you have recently ordered a package through Canada post, you might have received a tracking id for the package. Although all online stores give you easy access to track your order, it is sometimes difficult to catch the pace. We are aware of the technical delays, but what if they end up wasting our whole day? 

An application like TrackMyPack is your one-way solution to all delivery glitches. The application lets you track all delivery services with just one tap. What’s more?

Well, TrackMyPack just asks for the delivery tracking id you have received while placing the order, and you’ll get all the information regarding the delivery. Being in a direct loop with the delivery deets is as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is paste the id, and you’ll be able to monitor the movement of your parcel.

What is Track My Pack?

TrackMyPack is a smart package tracking application that makes it easier for you to find your parcels. We are all busy with our lives and don’t have time to open the online store website and ask them for updates. With changing times and the availability of advanced systems, shopping online has become an inevitable part of our lives. To support this habit and need, TrackMyPack is making parcel tracking easy.

It is a real-time parcel tracking automation application. It is designed to streamline all your package tracking in one place. The application provides you with a simple-to-understand and smart-to-operate dashboard where you can access Canada post-USPS tracking along with other carriers. The best part is that you can align your parcel tracking from multiple delivery services or carriers at one time. Just add the tracking numbers of different packages, and you’ll get all the updates along with additional information.

Why Access TrackMyPack Canada Post Office Tracking?

How easy it would get if we start receiving timely updates on our parcel. Waiting for your package the whole day or whole week is painful and frustrating. This ultimately affects the customer experience with the e-commerce store. No one wants to waste energy and time by tracking the order.


  • TrackMyPack makes everything convenient for you. Not just the updates, but you get real-time movement on the map. This lets you monitor your parcel according to your availability. Also, real-time tracking gives accurate data on the delivery deets.
  • With the help of TrackMyPack, you can interact with the Canada post delivery agent. Sometimes it is hard for them to reach the right location, which is difficult. Chances are location finding issues can lead to delayed delivery where even the agent can blame other factors. Having access to the movement of the package on the maps, it gets easy for you to guide them to the right location.
  • At times, the delivery agent can give false information to the company. Even if they haven’t tried for the delivery, they can claim to have tried. With TrackMyPack, you have access to their movement, which acts as proof that they were at fault. 
  • One of the most highlighted benefits of TrackMyPack is that you also get real-time tracking for international shipments with Canada post office tracking. Since international shipments have limited delivery information, the application makes it easy for you to track them. Given the fact that international deliveries take more time than normal, they are more prone to errors. Both receiver and sender require accurate updates on the delivery, which is smoothly catered by the TrackMyPack app

Canada Post Delivery Time Differentiations

Canada Post delivers within Canada, North America,, and 192 countries. The Canada post company offers different shipping types that differ in delivery times. The duration of delivery depends on the type of package and the destination, and the urgency of the package.

Let’s understand the four shipping options:

  • Priority: The most prioritized shipments are estimated to be delivered on the next working day for national, regional, and local deliveries.
  • Xpresspost: With this option, the shipment of local and regional deliveries is excited to be in the next working days. The shipment is estimated to be within one working day for the national deliveries.
  • Expedited Parcel: In this delivery option, local deliveries are estimated to be one working day, 3 working days for regional deliveries, and seven working days for the national shipments.
  • Standard Parcels: This type of delivery option estimates two working days for local shipments, five working days for the regional shipments, and approximately nine working days for the national deliveries.

Depending on the destination, there are different delivery options to choose from. Canada Post is noted to be one of the most accessible and available delivery services. Since they engage in international deliveries, it gets difficult for them to keep accurate track of the packages. Although, the options they offer for the priority-based deliveries are to the point.

Canada post delivery

Before you choose any carrier service for your deliveries, make sure you study about them. From reviewing their customer reviews, and market reputation to understanding their working patterns, you should keep count of everything. Canada Post has been in the field for years now and has aced the market ever since. TrackMyPack is making your experience with the premium delivery services all the more convenient. Take a thorough walk through the application and see if you find it useful.   


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