You can install our free app and simply add your package tracking number and package name (optional), then click on “Start tracking” to get the status of the package, including the latest location and its ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Once you have signed up on our free app, you can add a new package by simply tapping on the yellow (+) icon at the top right corner of the Wonderpack (aka TrackMyPack) app and entering the package number. Also, you can import packages automatically from your Gmail or Amazon. 

With just one tap, you can link your Gmail or Amazon account within the Wonderpack (aka TrackMyPack) app so all your packages get imported automatically. You can link Gmail and Amazon from the Profile section of the app. 

You would need to get your tracking numbers from the sender of the package (or the store you bought your item from). If you have any questions or instructions about your package and its delivery method you’d need to contact the shipping company (or the sender of the package).

Inside the app, you can simply tap on a package and click on the share icon at the top right corner of the details page for that package. Then, select the method you’d like to use for sharing (email, text, Whatsapp, etc.) 

To inquire about any delays or other questions related to shipping and delivery, you’d need to contact your shipping company (or the seller or sender of the package). Wonderpack (aka TrackMyPack) simply provides the tracking status of your package.

This simply means the shipping company or carrier does not yet have/shared information about this package. Once the package information becomes available, Wonderpack (aka TrackMyPack) app will automatically notify you (please, ensure you enable push notifications for the app). 

We also suggest you double-check your tracking number and its carrier to make sure you’ve entered correctly. 

Yes, it does. As long as there is a tracking number or ID from an established shipping company.

Select the package that you want to edit from the list on your app. Then, tap on the edit icon on the top right corner of the page, and a new page will be opened, where you can edit your package tracking number or its carrier.

Go to the Profile section of the app and tap on Settings and make sure to enable the push notifications option in order to never miss an update for your package (or its important details).

You can swipe left on any package from your list and tap on the “remove” icon to archive it. 


Wonderpack is now available for both Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Download today and start to keep track of all your packages in one place.

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