How to track UPS

What Is UPS?
UPS or United Parcel Service is one of the largest shipping couriers in the world and the largest courier company in the world by revenue with about $85 billion annual revenues in 2020 alone.

UPS Track a Package
How to track my parcel? This is a common question. Whether you are shipping one package or a hundred packages, UPS Parcel Tracker will provide you with information about your package’s status during its entire journey.

UPS Tracking helps people find peace of mind because they know their shipment status and have updated information about the location of their packages.

Many options are available to track your parcel. Choose the most convenient way for you to stay updated on your parcel’s current status, delivery day, and of course any unexpected delays. UPS Track a Package system is clear and simple to use.  

What Is Package Tracking Number?
Package Tracking Number is a code given to each package allowing you to track your parcel between different countries or inside the same country. In other words, the numbers can either be traceable inside the sender’s country or international.

The Package tracking number for packages inside the US usually has a total of 18 characters. It starts with “1Z” followed by a shipper number formed of 6 characters (numbers and letters) a service level indicator formed of 2 digits, and finally 8 digits that are used to identify the package. Notice that the last digit is a check digit.

The following formats usually used as UPS tracking codes:

  • 1Z################
  • ############
  • T##########
  • #########

How to Track My Parcel Using Reference?
You can track your parcel without using tracking numbers by assigning a reference while creating your shipment. It is like a purchase order number or a client number and it is formed of 35 characters.

Tracking History

Customers can log into to be able to see about 75 of your tracked packages. The tracking history table allows customers to store 50 tracking numbers to have easy access to your Tracking History. In addition, customers can add or change your package descriptions to be able to have a quick reference. 

UPS Package Visibility

UPS allows customers to stay updated with all the vital details of their shipments throughout the entire supply chain. UPS Parcel Trackers give customers the ability to track all their packages within the US or while moving around the world.

UPS Mobile

UPS allows customers to monitor and modify their home delivery packages, plan all their outgoing packages, and find locations from their mobile phones. The UPS mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can push notifications and updates about your shipment deliveries.
The mobile app allows customers to:

  • See and edit the location and timing of your home deliveries.
  • Create your shipments.
  • Get shipping quotes.
  • Locate the nearest UPS location to you.

Other Ways to Stay Updated

  1. SMS Notifications: You can find out more about UPS locations and track your parcel by sending an SMS to UPS.
  2. Chatbot: Track your parcel using smart speakers or mobile phones. Services like Google Assistant allow this service via texts or voice.


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