How to Track your UPS Package

They say the world is getting smaller every day, thanks to the cutting-edge technology that we are using; it is not so difficult to get things from other places and to receive things from other places as well. Difficulty in sending a package from one place to another is now a thing which belongs to the past. Delivering packages is now a very convenient process; it does not matter who you are, where you are, where your package or parcel is from and where it is going. Using this innovative technology, you can actually know where your delivery or parcel will be at any given time. We now have the technology to avoid missing out on our parcel’s journey from where it’s manufactured right until it reaches our doorstep.

Talking about delivering packages or parcels, one of the most popular and one of the biggest companies with a worldwide presence in handling packages from literally everyone in the world is UPS, what does UPS mean? UPS stands for United Parcel Service, Inc., UPS has over 540,000 employees all over the world, and it serves over 220 countries and territories. Talk about being large! They deliver not 100, not even a thousand or a million, but over 24 Million packages every day! UPS really “delivers” on their promise of providing service that is “customer first, people led and innovation driven”.

Since UPS delivers over 24 million packages/parcels on a daily basis, it is not uncommon that people who own each of these packages would be very curious as to where there parcel is. UPS knows this concern of their clients that is why they have tracking services available for all of them, in order to serve their “need” to know. Let us now go to the main topic of this article which is – How to track your UPS package or parcel. Let us now begin answering the very question, how do you track your parcel with UPS? The answer is very simple you just need to make sure you have any of these 2 important numbers: tracking number and reference number.

Track the parcel using your package tracking number

This is how you can track your parcel with the package tracking number. UPS’ service is very straightforward you just need to go to their website and click “track a package”. After clicking “track a package” you just need to enter your 25 digit package tracking number and the details of your package, where it is now, will be shown on the screen. UPS really makes an effort to make their parcel tracker very friendly and easy to use. Just a few clicks and you will now know where your package is, as simple as that!

Track the parcel using your package reference number

Let us say that for some reason you do not have the tracking number of your package or parcel, you do not need to worry! You can still track the parcel using the package reference number; UPS has a parcel tracker for that option as well. You just need to go to UPS’ website, click “track a package”. Once you are in the “track a package” page, you then click “track by reference number” and from there you just need to enter all the required details that will appear in the pop-up page then click “track”, you will now have the details of where your package is.

Other than these 2 options in using the parcel trackers of UPS, UPS also has additional services for their consumers to track the parcel that is very important for them. They have services such as UPS My choice, this helps customers manage home deliveries to fit their very busy schedule, and you do not need to be afraid of other people stealing your packages while you are not home! Other than UPS My choice, there is also another service that UPS provides called – Quantum view. UPS Quantum view gives you not just knowledge of where your package is using your package tracking number but, it gives you more details to help you get the feeling of security that your package is being handled properly and with care. UPS Quantum view is more suited for companies with numerous deliveries for them to constantly update their customers and provide additional details on where the package is and how long it will take before it arrives. UPS really does work hard and values each and every package that their customers entrust to them.

There you have it! Even if UPS is the delivery company to beat, they still go out of their way to make sure that the parcel tracker on their website will be user-friendly to make sure that their customers know that they will always come first.


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